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EXMUX 3501

Product Description
The RFL® EXMUX® 3501* is a substation-hardened IP Access Multiplexer engineered for mission critical infrastructures to transport voice, serial, relaying protection, SCADA, video and Ethernet data communications over Ethernet/IP or MPLS networks, providing the flexibility of backward compatibility with legacy devices and forward compatibility with Ethernet devices on the same communications platform. Designed into the EXMUX® 3501 is a distinctive "Hitless Switching" feature with zero-data-loss path recovery technology and a Digital Access Cross-Connect (DACS) function for cross-connecting DS0s between T1/E1 circuits and/or EXMUX® 3501 interface unit. The product is designed for harsh applications and is available in two chassis configurations; a mission-critical model that offers module hot-swap capabilities for all functional cards and a economical compact model for applications where module hot swap capability is not required.

The eXmux® 3501 model is interoperable with the previous eXmux® 3500 model.

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