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For over pressure protection on oil filled transformers, load tap changers, and other related electrical apparatus. Capable of being integrated into Intelligent Transformer Monitors.

  • World’s leading pressure relief device pioneered automatically resealing pressure relief
  • Greater than 50 years and 400,000 units of field experience in pressure relief have enabled Qualitrol experts to refine designs for maximum reliability
  • Most frequently customer specified pressure relief by name
  • Robust design and materials provide reliable protection and long life
  • Dual gasket design provides amplified force for rapid operation
  • Patented secondary seal wiper gasket provides more reliable resealing
  • Stainless steel operating valve, fasteners, and hardware
  • Flange and ring are made from aluminum with a chromate conversion coating with exposed aluminum components receiving an additional epoxy paint coat
  • Switches can be specified to operate as latching or momentary, SPDT or DPDT, high DC, or low current gold contact type, and with connector, terminal box, or flying lead style connections
  • Device can be top mounted horizontally (recommended) or side mounted vertically for maximum installation flexibility
  • 100% tested for quality assurance
  • Test results are serialized for traceability
  • Visual and remote indication of operation
  • Standard units support up to two alarms switches that can be mounted directly to the device or on the directional shield

  • Operating pressure, gasket material and type, hood material, Indicator style and color
  • Up to 2 latching or momentary switches (single or double pole form C, high DC, or low current gold contacts)
  • Electrical connection style
  • Gas bleed system
  • Optional directional shield can be coupled with piping, providing maximum protection of equipment, personnel and the environment by redirecting the flow of hot oil and gas
  • Optional semaphore (flag) provides visual indication of actuation and is available in different colors and materials
  • Main cover is available in zinc clad steel (208/213) or stainless steel (216) for added durability and corrosion resistance
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