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Oil Level Indicator

For highly visable indication of oil or liquid level with switches (contacts) for control or alarm functions. Primarily used on oil filled transformers, load tap changers, conservator tanks and other related apparatus.

  • 6 inch (150 mm) dial face with lever (radial) or heavy duty gear driven float arm for use in various tank geometry
  • 032/042 feature a field replaceable case (dial) can be exchanged without lowering oil level or compromising tank seal
  • Up to 2 adjustable SPDT switches (032/042 features rotatable lens for switch testing)
  • Magnetically coupled for leak free operation
  • Low level and high level alarm control is made possible with up to 3 integrated switches for 032, 042 and 045 models and up to 4 switches for 44712 and 34725 models
  • Die-cast Aluminum housing is coated with a thermosetting powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel and corrosion resistant parts protect gauge against harsh environmental conditions
  • 045 models are designed for hazardous locations and are UL listed for class 1 div 2

  • Optional UV resistant polycarbonate lens resists yellowing with age
  • A wide variety of electrical connections are available including quick connects, Military style, ANSI, conduit-ready and terminal box styles
  • Resistive (potentiometer) or 4-20mA electronic output for remote indication and SCADA system integration
  • Universal replacement case for field replacement (032/042/045)
  • Float travel ranges from min to max markings for various tank configurations
  • Tank connection (flange) style, materials, dial style and dial layout
  • Electrical connection types, cable size, lengths and wire colors

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