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Precision GPS Timing and Power Measurement Solutions


Product Description 1084B/C is precision timing device. Three BNC connectors deliver several output options supporting IRIG-B modulated, and various combinations of IRIG-B unmod...

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Product Description The 1095A/C precision time clock is a low cost unit capable of driving common timing signals such as IRIG-B, 1PPS and RS-232 serial time codes, with < &pl...

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Product Description 1073 Designed to buffer and distribute time codes and signals generated by sources such as Arbiter Systems' GNSS Synchronized Clocks, GPS Satellite Contr...

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Product Description 1205B/C has EPS technology includes GNSS anti-spoofing and secure password-protected and encrypted configuration interface providing robust. This model has s...

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Product Description 1201B/C can tracking satellite up to 72 channel (L1 GPS/SBAS C/A, L1 GLONASS CT, Galileo, and BeiDou) Three terminal strip outputs are jumper selectable to ...

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Product Description 10881A Fiber-Optic to Logic Adapter allows transmission of a digital signal over several kilometers and upon receiving, for the conversion to a + 5 V CMOS lo...

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Product Description 10888A Fiber-Optic Transmitter converts a TTL/CMOS, electrical signal to 820 nm light wave for transmission over multimode fiber.   10888A เป็นอุปกรณ์...

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